Russell Apiaries Arkansas


 No longer in service, Robert Russell Apiaries went under, as of 3/13

If you wish to contact, I will help you, but I personal have no contact or information other than I was hurt by this rather it was a scam or not.  

 "Sadly, after restructuring the company in order to develop the state operator program, and investing so much into that program on top of major health issues, we were forced to close and enter bankruptcy upon the exiting of many of the operators due to some false allegations made on another website. All creditors have been listed in the bankruptcy and you should receive a notice of this in the mail. We took a large risk in the hopes that we could benefit the industry in great ways by creating a future of specifically localized acclimated genetics, and with the fall of that program and failing health, we have lost too much to be able to survive the damages."

 In response to ever-increasing public demand for Russell Apiaries' high-quality queens, Russell Apiaries Arkansas continues to grow our operation, so over time the public will see both an increasing volume and an increase in varieties of high-quality queen honeybees available for purchase from Russell Apiaries Arkansas until we offer all varieties of queen lines from genetics that Russell Apiaries develops and maintains with intent to preserve the genetic reservoir Russell Apiaries so carefully collected to benefit future generations throughout the world.

 Russell Apiaries Arkansas is operated in conjunction with many breeders and queen producers throughout the United States. If you are looking for specific queen genetics, and we don't offer it in the web store, please contact us, as we may be able to obtain the stock you are looking for.

 Nucs- We have Nucs for sale on an "as available" basis. When we have them available, they will be shown in the web store. If and when they are available, the are pick up only.

 Russell Apriaries Arkansas Queens- Our queens are mated in the Northeastern part of Arkansas. They are allowed to lay for atleast 14 days, in most cases it is 21 days or more, and their brood pattern is evaluated. Queens that have a spotty brood pattern, or show any kind of disease, such as chalk brood, are eliminated, and are not sold to the customer. We try to keep mated queens on hand from April until October, but sometimes we can not. We can handle small sized orders as of right now, but we are expanding our operation to be able to accommodate large orders as well. We will ship queens,or they can be picked up locally.

 Russell Apiaries established Russell Apiaries Arkansas specifically with the focus to provide high-quality queens with locally-adapted high-performance traits proven to perform well in the hot-humid delta.